Liyema Consulting is a Level 1 BEE service provider.

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The Panel, including Safiyyah Boolay, chats to Ayanda Mzondeki about her experiences as an entrepreneur in the world of HR Consulting.

Liyema Social Initiatives

Liyema Consulting volunteers in various ways towards three2six which is an NPO that is committed to providing access to quality bridging education for refugee children, to support them to integrate into a public school.

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Another initiative that Liyema is passionate about is Alexander Gunners Development. The NPO focuses on Soccer Development in the townships but management quickly realized that not everyone that plays soccer will become a professional soccer player. The NPO then made a decision to provide the young boys in their soccer teams and the community with the necessary life skills which will enable them to reach greater heights outside of the sports fields.  

The Skills Development Programmes that are outside of the Soccer Field entail Maths, Science and Accounting Tutoring Programme, Computer training, School uniform, mentorship and school sponsorship.

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We are committed to improving and changing peoples lives by offering them opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge and experience. Liyema is about people.

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